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The CytoSorb whole blood adsorber is a CE approved medical device for extracorporeal cytokine removal.
The goal is to reduce cytokines and other inflammatory mediators from overshooting levels to a physiological range,
while still keeping the immune response intact. There are indications that other hydrophobic mid molecular
substances like free hemoglobin, myoglobin, bilirubin and various bacterial enterotoxins will be removed with high efficacy as well.
CytoSorb is characterized by an innovative porous polymer sorbent bead technology with enormous elimination capacity.
CytoSorb consists of innovative porous polymer beads. This unique adsorber technology impresses with highest biocompatibility
and hemocompatibility according to ISO 10993. The enormous total surface of 45,000 m² per cartridge enables a highly effective elimination.



The CytoSorb treatment is intended for use in clinical situations in which cytokines are elevated.
In patients with many kinds of hyperinflammatory and infectious states such as sepsis, septic shock and systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS)
during or after cardiopulmonary bypass in cardiac surgery (e.g. endocarditis, aortic aneurysm), the CytoSorb therapy helps to attenuate excessive
inflammation and to modulate and rebalance the immune response. Further fields of application include trauma, burns, pancreatitis, necrotizing fasciitis
and the combination with an ECMO procedure. Therapeutic effects can include stabilization of hemodynamics, reduction of capillary leak,
reversal of fluid balance, improvement of organ functions and avoidance and limitation of organ failure. Regain control!



The CytoSorb adsorber is a whole blood standard hemoperfusion cartridge being compatible with usual renal replacement therapies (CRRT) such as continuous dialysis and hemofiltration
as well as heart-lung machines found in hospitals worldwide. It takes only minutes to set-up and can also be integrated in running extracorporeal circuits;
without need for supplementary equipment. The CytoSorb therapy can safely be applied by using either heparin or citrate anticoagulation regimes.
Patients may benefit from a therapeutical application of CytoSorb on an ICU as well as from a preemptive use during heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass.
The CytoSorb therapy has been used in more than 5,500 human treatments in more than 200 hospitals around the world. Treatments have been considered safe and well-tolerated.


The introduction of a new extracorporeal therapy in critical care requires a maximum effort in the medical-scientific area in order to quickly establish evidence of safety and efficacy,
but also an extensive knowledge on additional effects, such as interactions with established therapies. CytoSorbents is continuously working on that.
In addition to various multicenter study projects in Europe and the USA, which we perform as a sponsor, we work in a variety of multi- and mono-centric projects closely together
with renowned international study partners to make the use of the CytoSorb therapy even more effective and targeted. Moreover, a large international registry,
managed at the highest scientific level will systematically provide important insights into safety and effects of the therapy in the clinical routine.



Extracorporeal blood volume: 120 ml
Flow resistance: 300 mmHg
Blood flow rates min-max: 100-400 ml/min
Max. treatment duration 24 hours
Anticoagulation: possible with heparin or citrate
Sterilization: Gamma sterilization
Further details: Latex- and PHT free product
Storage conditions: 1° to 40°C; upright storage


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