Infomed CF100

Infomed CF100


Infomed produces a complete range of devices, including both the machines and the associated disposable devices such as tubing sets, filters and sorbents, for both CRRT and plasma therapies.

Model CF 100

Each set of disposable and machine is validated together as a single device, thus offering a full guarantee for all products regarding quality, safety and performances.

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CF 100 : cascade filtration monitor

The CF 100 performs cascade filtration on plasma received from any primary plasma separator (centrifugation or filtration devices) to which it is connected through only the plasma inlet and outlet tubes.
The CF 100 has automatic priming of the disposable set before treatment, in order to make sure that all safety relevant criteria are met and then monitors the cascade filter to provide automatic rinsing by flush whenever necessary.

Technical features

  • Operations:
    • Autopriming
    • Automatic rinsing by flush
    • Luer-lock connection to plasma line and blood return line
    • Bag empty/full indications
    • Filter holder
    • RS232 connection to computer
  • Scales range : 0 -6 kg
  • Dimensions : 35/50/125 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • Max filtration flow : 4 l/h
  • Integrated heater (option)