Bionic Dreamline

  • The latest revision of the Ultimate Dialysis Chair 
  • Two user-friendly remotes - one for each side
  • 250KG Capacity
  • German Manufacturing - Local Support
  • Versatile - Nocturnal and day treatments
  • One piece mattress – experience improved flexibility and comfort
  • Offers your patients a variety of sitting positions as well as a very relaxing reclining position
  • CPR Position - Manual & Electrical

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Features & Benefits

  • Very low entry height facilitates easy entry – also from a wheelchair.
  • During treatment the patient can adjust the DreamLine 2 to achieve a pleasant position.
  • The DreamLine 2 offers a completely horizontal position.
  • Shock position is activated by foot pedal.
  • Easy to operate remote control is divided into two areas – with pre-programmed sitting and lying positions as well as the individual adjustments.
  • Electrically adjustable footrest.
  • Two height adjustable columns guarantee high stability in all positions with adequate size of storage space at the base frame.
  • Foot pedal to activate the shock position and the central brake are located at the base frame.
  • Headboard can be removed, allowing full access to the patient’s head.
  • Underneath the mattress easy to clean plastic plates provide a stable, safe and hygienic surface.
  • Separately removable armrests with ball and socket joint can be adjusted, supporting the patient’s arm in a variety of positions.
  • Four guard rails can be attached to the DreamLine.
  • The handle support assists your patient while sitting up and provides additional flexibility.
  • Infusion pole can be mounted directly to the back segment.
  • LED lamp offers light for your patient for reading or working during the treatment.
  • Variety of colours to choose from.